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Hopefully intelligent, upbeat, pop rock
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#28 (Main)
Based on the escape to freedom of Robert Smalls, a Charleston harbor slave, by commandeering a Confederate ship, under cover of darkness, to the Union blockade line disguised as the captain.
#16 (Sub-genre) 5
A last summer fling
Peak position #16 2
About the pretty darn good life available for bands busking in the NYC Subway stations
#67 (Sub-genre) 1
Song about leaving the past behind and moving ahead
Peak position #18
A pop ditty about a notable sight
Peak position #75
When the world is beating the sh*t out of you escaping on a sail boat is great!!
Peak position #12
Beachy song about Islamorada, near the top of the Florida Keys
Peak position #59
Collaboration with John Paragreen
Peak position #22
Jazz-flavored pop rock about immersion in a sultry FM station while driving up the California coast.
Peak position #30
Classic car rock about Baja Bugs (offroad customized VW Beetles)
Peak position #24
Chill out and get back to Island Time!!
Peak position #88
Redux of a 2006 song - get on a boat and get away..... - Painting by Ester Tintner
Peak position #27
A tongue in cheek look at analytics in all its modern glory :)
Peak position #48
About a quirky "manic, pixie, dream girl"
Peak position #34
Sort of an anniversary (and many happy returns) card
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