Electronic Kochi, Japan
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A Collection of field recordings made in Japan.
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A series of drinking games recorded at a party after Yosakoi festival. The Japanese really know how to drink. This is just a short snippet... this went on for 2 solid hours non-stop.
A nursery kid shouting 'Sona tatakikata ne yo!' repeatedly. This was recorded at the same time as the Konnichiwa recording in a Japanese kindergarten.
Recording of riding a bike down a bumpy road in a wooded area next to a river.
A buddhist priest playing a small drum and chanting a prayer recorded in Ichijo shrine in Shimanto prefecture.
A recording of a train announcement recorded on board a train.
Teachers saying hello to a crowd of children in a nursery.
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A recording of one of a propaganda spewing truck in the run up to Japans Sept 11th election.
Flutes being played at konpira shrine in Ehime prefecture during a vary vary rainy day.
Peak in sub-genre #38
Music recorded during the performance of Tokushima`s traditional dance known as Awa Odori. The girls in the dance team are singing in this clip.
Another clip of music performed during Awa Odori. In this clip the music speeds up as when men start their dance.
Peak in sub-genre #99
A teacher of Nihon Buyo (A traditional form of Japanese dance.) instucting her student.
Same as above only she is instructing her student while she is dancing to music.
Recorded on a bridge as a boat playing music passes by.
The chants of men carrying a large heavey cart through a procession.
Peak in sub-genre #68
Various bells and drums being played in a procession.
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