Lou Quarmwater
Acoustic Jasper, Canada
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Lou Quarmwater
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Solo original acoustic songs looking for someone to beg,borrow or steal and make famous,because Lord knows I ain't got the guts.Taking the 'O' out of Country,if
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Can't Tell...tain't me....t'is my daughter. But if I ever find the punk who inspired her to make this up....why I'm gonna have a long talk with him.
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Well you know....it's self Essplannneeetooriez. I was inspired because I 'Lost In The Semi's To A Better Man But Am Still Grateful To Have Made It To The Semi's And Looking Forward To A Great Final Battle Between Stan And Michael'Blues.
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A song to mark the occasion of my daughter's 18 birthday.
Doug gets called to go to work.
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And Ode to the Queen of The Questionably Banned. Credit to Alley Byrd for coining the phrase.
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Peak in sub-genre #21
About a summer vacation I took in 2000...or was it 2001?
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Well,it's based an event that stared out as a birthday celebration ended up with me sitting in the shower making up this song while trying to spark one up.
Peak position #67
Inspiring by the fear of never being able to make up another song again...ever...for the rest of my life.
Peak in sub-genre #23
Based On A True Story about the 6ft chick vs.the 5ft dude in a darts game in the Dead Animal Room of the Athabasca Hotel in faboolous Jasperville,Alberta.
Peak position #85
Well the narrator can't seem to remember his woman's name,and she seems to be a little perturbed by that,if ya know what I'm saying...
Peak position #95
Pound for pound, simply the best 3 chord love song ever written in the key of E. A Buck Naked classic with a Lou Quarmwater Tweek.
Peak in sub-genre #36 1
About a T.V. set I once had.
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