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Composer. I do remix work, original songs, and media composition for TV/Video games/Film etc.
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Peak in sub-genre #69
A medoly of stuff I wrote mixing James Bond themes and harmonies with a tounge-in-cheek 60's-esque arrangement.
A theme for a murder mystery project I'm working on.
A menacing theme with an upbeat ending
My last MediaVentures clone - I promise!
really short cue, a busy city with a sinister secret...
music for a 30second car ad
Peak position #16
Music written for the last 6-7 minutes of the film 'Armageddon'. An exercise in cliches!
Peak in sub-genre #9
Rough 'n ready - a quick instrumental for some people of this Jason Mraz song.
An Elfman pastiche for a uni project
A complete rip-off of the Media Ventures sound. Just having a bit of fun!
Peak position #28
Peak in sub-genre #20
Peak in sub-genre #4
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