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somnium plane music
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Electronic Contemporary Music with armonics pads, sequencers and clears melodies. Música electrónica Contemporánea con fondos armónicos, secuencias y melodñias
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Peak position #99
Peak in sub-genre #14
A brief theme to introduction the album. Rotations of experimental but armonic sounds.
Peak in sub-genre #34 1
A short theme with dense strings and analog pad atmosphere.
Peak position #47 1
A classic electronic theme. TR808, Prophet, Strings, Sequencer and bassequence.
Peak in sub-genre #85
Choirs, sequences and analog sax solo in this melodic theme.
Peak in sub-genre #46
The most expressive theme with complexe drums and analog sounds.
Symphonic and analog theme with ethnic drums. Like a soundtrack.
Peak in sub-genre #36
Underwater ambient, sounds of waves, whales, bubbles...Electric guitar, pads and oboe.
Peak in sub-genre #92
The most introspective song in this album. Strings, heartbeats, armonic bass and oboe.
Peak in sub-genre #88
Classic electronic new age theme. Acoustic sounds in classic canon format.
Symphonic electronica with loop drums, slap bass and melodic prophet solo. Very rythmical.
Peak in sub-genre #12
This song it's a critic of nonsense society. Acoustic drums, acoustic trumpet, accordeon, clarinet, old electric guitar, trombone. Curious...
Peak in sub-genre #41
Clear music, happyness, sweet sounds, but...
Peak in sub-genre #72
...wars, death, catastrophes, pain, ...sadness... All tears of World are'nt sufficient...
Very sequential, crazy drums, hard synths solo, very electronica.
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