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Peak in sub-genre #10
A cover of this Pink Floyd song with my modified Strat to David Gilmour' black Strat specs for the solo section. I used my faithful Squier Tele Custom II for the "singing" sections.
Peak in sub-genre #92 1
Based on a backing from LesPaul member 67FlyingV. I barely touched the guitar since last January. Had to wall it!
Backingtrack: LPF member Flatjamboo. I went Floydish on it with questionnable guitar harmonies.
Peak in sub-genre #86
After over a year of guitar hiatus, I'm back... kinda... Backing track courtesy of TNut from the LesPaulForum
Base on the backing track from 67FlyingV at the Les Paul forum, a little Halloween inspired number.
A little blues number from LPF member Hayman. I'm sliding it in there, a work in progress!
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An open D track courtesy of Clayville at LPF. Since I can't play regular guitar because of a pinch nerve in my left harm, slide seems to be a workaround.
It all started with a simple but damn nice backing track from taylorNut at LPF and then layers and layers of guitar sounds just piled up in there. And then, the inspirational words from MLK Jr 1963 I Have A Dream speech seemed so obvious.
Peak in sub-genre #71
A cool reggae style backing from OffshoreAngler over at LPF. Of course, had to get some reference from Reggae Man himself, Bob Marley. Don't ask about the intro though.
Peak position #89
A nice country/folk style song courtesy Offshore Angler at LPF.
From a Beatlesque type backing track from OffshoreAngler at LPF, here's my attempt at channelling Harrison. I guess I had the wrong channel tho!
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Another great backing rack from Flatjamboo at LPF forum. This time I tried to give it a Deep Purple feel using actual quotes from various DP songs. Still, Blackmore has nothing to worry about from me.
A surf track from Offshore Angler at the LPF. I dug deep into my memory of The Ventures for this one. Surf's up!
From a mighty fine backing track offered by Flatjambootrax at the LPF forum, a claptonesque tune. Damn this little Squier Custom II Tele sounds fine even thru digital simulation amps.
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It started out as an acoustic guitar only track from TNut at the LPF forum but thanks to his precise timing I managed to add drums and full of other sounds to give this track a hard rocking feel.
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