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HIP-HOP meets HARD ELECTRONICA in a knock-down, drag-out, Double-Hell Electrified Barbed Wire Deathmatch. Fast, complex battle rhymes over psycho-delic beats, j
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"War Pigs" meets Metallica meets nasty battle rhymes like you dream of...and then wake up sweating from. You'll nod your head, you'll pump your fist, you'll wake up in a gutter with mysterious bruises and swear to give up emceeing forever.
Fast, aggressive rhymes, hard funk drums, and some seriously spaced production...a show of force compressed into three minutes and change.
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Peak in sub-genre #69 1
An early track from OS, back by request of our pal Robert Berry from Retrocrush.com. Not our tightest production (and the verses are all uneven), but we're still pretty fond of it.
Peak in sub-genre #85
An atmospheric beat which references tons of horror-movie soundtracks...and an MC who, um, references tons of horror movies, Misfits songs, Roman emperors, Bunnicula, and the bop-shoo-bop-shoo-bop.
Live guitar by the AMF. Even though that's just Belial under a different name, he gets seperate credit here because, um...
Peak in sub-genre #44
Old Scratch's manifesto. Hardcore beats, an MC with a chip on his shoulder, and a chorus that will have you wondering "How do they get away with this?" The name says it all. We will own hip hop.
Peak in sub-genre #89
Belial's hard-as-diamonds remix of the Old Scratch "classic" is louder than any of our other tracks, full of guitar, backmasking, dubbed-out vocals, all that fun stuff. All the kids can decide whether they're gonna NOD their heads or BANG them...
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