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the rap stylings of some schizophrenic guy.
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This is a song based on the NES game of the same name. I think it accurately portrays the feeling of playing this classic game.
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HOT collab with the HOTTEST female in nerdcore to day, the very HOT Jaylyn 'HOT' Coffin. Guaranteed to be HOT!!!
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from 2007's Netiquette
Peak in sub-genre #15
a song about how annoying vampires are
Peak in sub-genre #23
DJ Snyder on the beat! Yeahs!
Peak in sub-genre #5
Awesome collab with LogicOne and Godomus Bits
Peak in sub-genre #11
chyea hot joint right here
Peak in sub-genre #13
this is a song about my science lab where i make killer robots and flamethrowers
Peak in sub-genre #6
collab with dnb producer Killsaly that's freaking sweet
Peak in sub-genre #15
this song is about trying not to fall in love with someone.
Peak in sub-genre #11
beat for zoologially-based track with some nerdy mcs.
this is the instrumental track of the hijack remix, in case someone else wants to mc over it.
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