Rock Bremerton, WA  USA
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Fear of Sorrow is a hard rock band mixed with some heavy metal. Our infuences range from Aerosmith to Zombie, Alice in Chains to ZZ Top. Of course we can't leav
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Peak in sub-genre #42
I have many close friends and acquaintances, many of them have asked what goes on inside my head? I don't dare tell!
Peak in sub-genre #93
A song of winter depression, not mine. You know who you are!
Peak in sub-genre #78
About death and people on the otherside.
Title song.
Many of us have experienced a death in the family, a divorce, and having a child move away. Now listen and experience it with me in one small moment of time.
Peak in sub-genre #96
We have always been a band that's not affraid to stand on our principles.
It's best not to go too far down this path!
We all grow old, but as our bodies age the mind stays young.
This is not about me so much as it is about you.
Peak in sub-genre #91
We live in a dangerous world and play very dangerous games, even with our very lives.
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