Electronic Nijmegen, Netherlands
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Pe7er (from Nijmegen The Netherlands) composes electronic underground music
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Peak in sub-genre #66
Pluckbuzz with an 808 beat. I made this tune with Jeskola Buzz. Used Instruments: Geonik's Plucked String (3x), CyanPhase Bass Pluck (1x), Rout 808 and some FX plugins...
Peak in sub-genre #72
This remix of "Telefon Tel Aviv - Fahrenheit Fair Enough" was done for the ninja tune remix comp: Telefon Tel Aviv:
Peak in sub-genre #86
This track is the 3th and final version, the first version was named "Music to Watch (test version).
2nd & final version Remix of "The Wife" from daSilva (original can be found at:, done for the The Wife remix comp:
a very freaky (thnx Moondust :-) short weird electro 808 style tune which name is inspired by my conversation with Samurai Banana...
This is my 1st version, done for the Brown Sauce Remix Comp: The original "Brown Sauce" track was made by Cosmonaut:
Peak in sub-genre #10
Last June I bought 5 vinyl records at H2O in Koblenz, Germany (Cheers Honicz!)
This is the 2nd [not final?] version. Comments are welcome.... Done for "Amber" Remixes:
Peak in sub-genre #47
NOT yet finished but a second version of a track I made with Jeskola Buzz [BTW: the 1st draft of this track was called Dreaming].
done for the Ninja Forum Remix Competition // Feb2003, Original version of Sobo was done by s24, and can be found at:
Peak in sub-genre #31
Ok, this is my 3nd slightly altered, and final version (so now I might have some time to compose some own tunes :-)! Remix for: digitonal remix project #1: Breakbeat Phase Info:
Peak in sub-genre #62
This is the 1st version of a new track. Be careful with the volume, the track starts quietly...
Peak in sub-genre #12
Done for the Skalpel Remix Competition:
Peak in sub-genre #85
this is my 1th tune with Jeskola Buzz, to see how the software works
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