Steve Mulhern
Acoustic Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom
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steve mulhern
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It's just me solo, on my own. I have been known to collaborate and record with others.
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Peak position #24
Short Instrumental for acoustic guitar
A short piece composed originally for guitar. This is from my own score and converted from midi data to audio - sound is not too bad, a little chatter in the background. I may do a live guitar recording later if anyone likes this one.
Album: Flying Solo #41 (Sub-genre) 4 1
An expressive solo guitar piece. Played on a Yamaha Apx nylon strung acoustic guitar.
Album: Flying Solo Peak position #14 2 2
An updated version of the original Shadow Woods with better sounding instruments and the odd tweek here and there
Album: Flying Solo #21 (Sub-genre) 2 1
A mix of jazz backing and rock guitar instrumental.
Album: Flying Solo #60 (Sub-genre) 3
Still messing about with this one
Album: Flying Solo #4 (Sub-genre) 4
A short guitar instrumental with a slightly spanish feel.
Album: Flying Solo Peak position #10 2
A piece for solo classical guitar.
Album: Flying Solo #90 (Main) 1
Soundtrack to a childrens adventure story, each movement is a short example of some types of music commonly used in film scores.
Album: Flying Solo Peak position #2 2
A short atmospheric piece for solo acoustic guitar. Recorded on a Yamaha Apx Nylon guitar.
Album: Flying Solo Peak position #2 1
Guitar instrumental over a simple waltz time backing track in midi.
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