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Hot Producer From Cleveland, Ohio
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::For Sale:: AIM: Fresh Kid Blaze
::For Sale:: AiM:Fresh Kid Blaze
For Sale AIM:Fresh Kid Blaze
Produced By F.K.B for F.K.B Productions
FIRE!! AIM-Fresh Kid Blaze
For Sale (Back Up) AIM:Fresh Kid Blaze
Ajy The Hustla-Whats The Deal (Produced By Fresh Kid Blaze for f.k.b productions)
Peak in sub-genre #78
For Sale AIM-Fresh Kid Blaze
For Sale . . Honest :-) AIM: Fresh Kid Blaze
For Sale Not An Anthem But Could Be AIM:Fresh Kid Blaze
For Sale Not That Usual Pimpish Sound AIM-Fresh Kid Blaze
For Sale Very Dark Feel . . This Beat Is Very Universal Sing or Rap over this . .Hit me up on AIM at Fresh Kid Blaze or email me at
For Sale $50.00 . . Don't IM asking for a Freebie Its Not Happening . . AIM-Fresh Kid Blaze /
Downsouth-Type Beat . For Sale Contact Me At Fresh Kid Blaze, On AIM. Email Me At /
Wanted To See If I Could Make The Beat The Same Way The Heatmakerz Made it on Smack DVD Vol.3 . . Not For Sale
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