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First finished from my new album, 'Chapter 2'
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One take, no rehearsal, no digital 'magic'. Just trying to capture the feeling of a day I'd rather forget....
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Old school power ballad
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Pre-cursor and "mood setter" for Geo-Logy
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No matter what I do, friends and family just refuse to let me off the hook from doing something 'shred''s my tip of the hat to one of my biggest influences.
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Simple little jam I threw together
I wrote this, in music class, when I was this time I'm still to ask my old mentor, Bob Denham, to add some piano and brass instruments to this....
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Each of the 2 main themes were short lullabyes I wrote for my kids, Jade and Zakk, which have come together to become "E Moe Tamariki Ma"
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