Cyndee Lee Rule
Rock Trevose, PA  USA
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I like to show the versatility of my electric instrument by using my Boss GT-6 pedal to change the tone drastically. Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish be
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Another fantastic composition by Chris Fournier!! ( Very funky, danceable rhythms with cutting electric guitar and silky-textured electric violin.
Peak position #73 5 5
A beautiful piece composed by gifted progressive rock musician, Chris Fournier!!! ( Earthy and spacey! Viper strings, lead Viper violin, organ and shred guitar over relaxed Hillage-ish rhythm section.
Peak position #15 5 2
Blissed-out violin trance jam in the style of Steve Hillage, with tribal percussion and explosive climax.
Peak in sub-genre #6 3 2
Classical violin solo with forward-moving electronic accompaniment.
Peak position #11 10 5
Fresh take on a traditional Irish reel. All tracks other than drums are done with the electric violin including: lead violin, rhythm 'guitar' violin, lead wah violin, string section and bass.
Peak in sub-genre #27 2
Symphonic Latin piece with lush strings, Frippish electric violin solos and Spanish guitar.
Peak in sub-genre #6 3 1
Exotic lead violin alternating with spacey strings, over funky background.
Peak in sub-genre #17 1 2
Moody start, morphing into a danceable groove, ending with a searing electric violin jam.
Peak position #97 2
Meloncholy song with nature sound effects and world rhythms. Violin and piano intertwine to express deep regret.
Peak position #36 5 2
Funky, jazzy world beat with wah Vipering and gritty "guitar" Vipering.
Peak position #32 3 2
Aggressive lead electric violin over spacey flanger violin. This song is traditionally played in 3/4 time but this version is in a Hawkwind-style, driving 4/4 beat.
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