HipHop Teaneck/Englewood/Souf Jerz, NJ  Congo
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produced by Prime...remixed and rolled up by Ras j.....07 letz lower the boom onem...
Spittinz Produced by ReMarcable
Spittinz Produced by ToneSpliffnessnessness
Spittinz Produced by MarcusPrimalage
Peak in sub-genre #88
Life inda city/ izz not very pritty/seemz like a waste ov ur time/wen u got tingz on ya mind....... Produced by G1ftedOne Performed by Primal & FaDaze
Produced by MarcusPrime...wordz by chrismorale... had to wet yall appetite...takin' it back to the essence...
Produced by chrismorale featuring fadaze...dra$tik...chrismorale... this is like king speakin' live from the lincoln memorial...took awhile to push out--but its born...
Peak in sub-genre #86
juss lissin Produced by Primal Performed by RedDotJ-Aim
u wuz 1nz all ourz/ and i hate ta share/ would kidnap yo ass but 50 stawted showin hiz hair...... Produced by Primal Performed by R.J. & FaDaze
frum dis rap shit ta b-hind da scenes u see/i izz who i izz who i izz ma n*** lern ta like it..... Produced by Foundation Unit Performed by TekkFelon FaDaze & R.J.
watch close/ hav ya froze like comatose/ jea anova nikky shank da only prank pulled izz dat 16 inch nail....... Produced by ToneSpliff Performed by Da2Dummeez
ppull always buttin in/ tawkin dis tawkin dat/ bout FaDaze call him Nikky / yall don undasatnd dat........ Produced by Marcus Breezness Performed by Fadaze & R.J.
Peak in sub-genre #66
dey sayin dat we keep showin doin ya showin ill sho u wut ya endin izz/ ppull sayin dat wut we tinkin izz wrong/ but how im suppoze ta feel wen its all reel on da song huh..... Produced by RasJ Performed by M.O. R.J. & FaDaze
If its ok to do that, the bloodshed the new black/its too common to see a baby witout its arm and..................Produced By Yung Rich, Performed By R.J.
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