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Peak in sub-genre #17
well think about representing your Dad on this Planet. Do your best!
Peak in sub-genre #55
No words to describe the loss. so just think-- about the hope there was, about the truth and the total end- loss- finis-- of something good. Of course someone else had the ring. and it so showed till recent days.
Peak in sub-genre #94
instramentalwith keeley comp
a statement about guitar playing, using The Robert Keeley Compressor and The BD-2 driver mod , thanks! (c)2005 Little Creek Gold Publishing pmb35 W.Cascade st suite106a- HoodRiver,Or 97031
Peak in sub-genre #14
this was two songs I sort of jammed together
Headphone soaking music. Clear your mind, then set it on things above. Angels, your Father, the throne room.
Hey no more pain, if you cant get it your not human
Get a Flashlight and put this on, and go Splunkin. This is pre-keeley. I put these oddball tunes here, cause they dont fit, on any of the CD's so far. Enjoy,, T
Peak in sub-genre #34
A soaker for the headphone brain set.
Peak in sub-genre #77
Im sorry, for the way my for fathers treated the native population of this country. This was cathartic for me, If you dont like the tune, so what. It had to be done.
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