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Pretty good,over mister Ka's dirt road beat,original beat for cd will change.check him out at
Over vtz's beat vampires,pretty sick had to do another simple song,bnefore i get more detailed,beat is hot and the word's go along,nice club song.
Peak position #64
Listen to the Lyrics to this.EXTREMELY insane,ou will definently enjoy this.Beat Behind,is Young buck's,intrumental get Buck.
Peak in sub-genre #20 1 1
It's time to go concept,is about what keeps me going with music.The 'Reason',beat by Vtz,the beat was entitled switchblade,enjoy it!Nicer rider sound.
Interesting track,with an interesting concept,you can guess that a very dark track is coming next...
Peak position #60
Beat by VTZ...check him out at mxl condenser mic,nady pop filter and headphones,im cuttin em off here with a blockade..
Peak in sub-genre #64
This was a beat by VTZ.A song about forming my own perimeter,to block people,and negativity out.
Peak in sub-genre #14
Me and yellow boy going crazy over this beat some guy asked us to rip...pretty much a freestyle,tryin to connect here..had to upload this before a very hard song..enjoy..
Peak in sub-genre #65
Beat By Vtz's'Crying herself to sleep,part 2',Comparing Alot of things to My rap interest.
Peak in sub-genre #85
Oh my god..Beat by purebread productions,This is rated best ever,its beat hip hop n pathcreator to.Check lyrics for more info.
More like an introduction,to my new cd that i've started working on.This is to the tupac and biggie runnin beat.Im going deeper in this cd.
Peak in sub-genre #24
This is a diss to southern rappers,who try to make fun of my voice patterns like there off point.Mainly at this guy who made my hip hop resume beat,and someone in my family.
Beat by war element productions,OFF'Tryta squar up wif me'..Song particularly to my old affiliates,who i mention in here.Only thing i have to say is my voice patterns r halfway,lyrics straight.
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