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The best bar band north of Boston and most of France
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Recorded live at Witchstock 2012 in Salem,MA.
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Recorded live August 2012 during Witchstock in Salem, MA.
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This is a rough take of a song we've been working on. It's different than what we usually do but definitely reflects a lot of what has inspired us and what we listen to I being too gay? Plus, I live right down the street from the tracks.
I watched a woman chasing her little girl around a laundromat one afternoon. The little girls name was Destiny. How could you NOT write a song.
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Brand new song!!! More pain and misery brought to you through a Budweiser haze. We did this on a friends 8 track in his attic for the upcoming "Wicked Hawt" compilation CD. Check it out.
Recorded live at the Dodge st. Bar & Grill Salem,MA 3/05/04
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Another demo that will be finished about the time we start collecting Social Security. Let us know what you think.
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An old one
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We're bringin' Cowpunk back!!
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