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just me, my (flat) voice, and a trusty ibanez acoustic.
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another duet with greg. i love this song. we're hoping to start something here--so hop aboard the laura/greg bandwagon while there's still room! :)
Peak position #98
first cutesy duet with greg. we have yet to title the song. (
by Paul Starling (
Peak in sub-genre #15
by Van Morrison
Peak in sub-genre #65
duet with my lil bro andy. not my biological bro, but my bro nontheless. he's the mastermind behind this piece but i added my vocals for a nice little blend.
Peak in sub-genre #21
copyright Ingrid Michaelson
Peak in sub-genre #10
by Bradley Nowell (of Sublime)
Peak in sub-genre #24
by Guster. i was actually inspired to cover a cover of this song as sung by ryan taylor bliss ( i'm getting all metacovercal on you now.
Peak in sub-genre #23
by The Drawing Board. This is a great song and is my little tribute to an amazing band. Check them out at oh, and excuse my little spoken intro at the beginning--it's for the boys in the band.
Peak in sub-genre #22
by Damien Rice. lovely song.
Peak in sub-genre #5
by Nicole Atkins & the Sea. Nicole produces the most lovely soundscapes. Check her tunes out at
Copyright Rilo Kiley. Harmonies are my own arrangement...this one's on request for Allan!
Peak in sub-genre #66
Copyright Lennon/McCartney. On request for Patrick!
Peak in sub-genre #60
Copyright The Sketches. This song is so beautiful--please visit the band's myspace:
Peak in sub-genre #12
i love this song--bluegrass is so fun! i'm especially proud of the harmonies. cranked this baby out in a few hours today.
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