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Melodic and meaningful - Abstract music is written for riff and lyric lovers! Our new CD Checkmate is currently available - we are writing new music all the ti
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From our new CD 'Checkmate,' Everafter was written and recorded @ Atomic Audio (in Tampa, FL ) w/ Mark Nicolitch. This song charted @ #5
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'so go buy your bling and will just do our thing because we hear one voice.' It's not whether the story is true that matters - It's what the story makes you do that matters. - CPT Dave - Abstract - Singer
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Hands down - the most requested song from the Magic Beans CD. Very catchy indeed...
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The title says it all - for those that understand - no explanation is necessary - for those that don't - none is possible.
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We have played this song live many times and are now glad to present this recording to all who requested. Thanks for listening...
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New from Abstract! Sure , kick a person while he/she is down. Another solid emotional ride from Checkmate!
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Relationships are tough - Illustrative of the all important 'listening' element in good communication. On the drums is none other than Leroy Goodman!
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Hard hitting - bash that guy into the ground - music... This is the way MMA fighter Double XL wants it - well, he gets it. Semper Fi
Based on a true story - this melodic rocker speaks to direction and objective in life. X is what your missing go...
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Riff oriented Commercial Rock - When you point a finger at someone, there are 3 fingers pointing back at You.
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Tick, Tick, Tick - as time runs out on the late great planet earth. There is still time for people of substance to let their light shine...
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Choosy mothers choose this song. Soft and Smooth - this song is a favorite of our blues and jazz influenced friends. A very popular and successful song for Abstract.
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We are a little suprised that Carousel is as popular as it is. We simply didn't think most folks would get it. Clowns and stuff... yikes. Life is like a day at the carnival. So much to see and do - so many decisions so little time...
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Some things are simply worth fighting for! New from Abstract - The CD 'Checkmate'
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A very popular song for us in Europe - Written by Doug Spenceley. Originally performed in Fulda, Germany 1992. (Im Hercules Centrum)
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