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One man band doing songwriting,demos,and just having fun.
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#34 (Sub-genre)
Peak in sub-genre #51 4
A little second line rock.
Peak in sub-genre #14 7
Running my custom wound Zhangbucker PAFs straight through a Yale Reverb.
#37 (Sub-genre) 2 1
A little late night clambake,'50s Conversion Les Paul and J-Station.
Peak position #41 2 2
A cool jumpy minor blues track.
#38 (Sub-genre) 1
A great 'LA' feeling backing track by Mats Nermark.I used my mid '70s Les Paul Deluxe,using the Zhangliqun Brownbucker pickup in the bridge.
Peak position #39
A little fun in the boondocks.One of the teles,can't remember which.Straight into the recorder with a J-Station.
Peak position #18 4
Having fun with another wonderful Clayville track from TFF.I used my '50s Les Paul through a modified Epi Valve Jr. Head with a Butler Blue Tube goosing the input slightly.
Peak position #51 6
A LPF jam from a few years ago...this one is my '55 Conversion LP.
Peak position #79 7 1
What if Wishbone Ash did a movie soundtrack with camels walking across a desert terrain? Okay,don't ask! Epiphone Flying V through a J-Station.
Peak in sub-genre #23 3
Great backing track provided by Curt1LP on the LPF...this has a very cool agressive R&B flavor.I used a '57 Les Paul through a J-Station.
Peak position #8 5 2
A great track posted on the LPF---I ruined it with a '50s MIM tele,Zhangliqun custom wound bridge pup.
#18 (Sub-genre) 1
A crazy go nowhere idea that I jammed over a drum machine beat----the more I added,the more I laughed.One day I might try to finish or salvage parts (LOL).
Peak position #13 3
Peak position #41 3
Playing my parts Esquire with a Zhangliqun wound Paul Bunyan pickup through a J-station.special thanks to 67FlyingV on the LPF for the backing!
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