Strictly Nosehairs On Tap
Podcasts Hayward, CA  USA
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A loose joining of unlikely members from different countries, backgrounds & levels of sanity (or lack thereof). If it weren't for that tour bus having 4 flat ti
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Peak position #4
The very first interview of S.N.O.T. done by Don Campau. A funny spoken word piece that kicks off the album.
Peak position #16
Whether you "inhaled" or not, you gotta boing-boing for respect! That includes you, Bill Clinton.
Peak position #16
Holiday cooking songs?! Yeah, we got those! You're welcome!
Peak position #8
An account of Igleson's tribulations with unsuitable employment un-opportunities. It does give one some ideas on dealing with troublesome brats, though!
A solo version of the old Robert Burns tune done by Schnoodles Langtail herself, as only she could do it. We can't figure out what she's saying, but it sounds great anyway. So many rock songs are like that!
Don's announcement between tracks.
Peak in sub-genre #4
Snorfles McKenzie & Donovan O'Snorfley, 2 renegade noses, hijacked the studio one day & this is the result. Our manager Sable thinks this could be the "hit single" from the first album.....
Peak position #71
The amazing story of how this band came together.
We have all had days like these. As long as you are still alive, you know you will have them again! Get ready!
Peak position #41
The actual full title of this one is "Memorial For Snorfleen Wigglebottom & Snoodler MacGerbil." Most bands have their sordid stories of past band members that didn't make it. S.N.O.T. is no exception!
Peak position #28
More truth in advertising, the title says it well!
This kicks off the 2nd year of broadcasting goofiness for these guys.
Peak position #24
The strangest sort of inspiration can hit you after doing a more than 24 hour shift at work. This is the result.
Peak position #46 1
A nice electronic guitar instrumental to get a break from the whacked-outness!
Peak position #4
A tune about a real life situation, as seen through the clear vision of satire. Parents: treat your children well, or you could be described on the radio one day! The description depends a lot on you...
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