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Peak position #50 3 1
A bootleg/remix of Kid Whatever's Mongolian Grill.
Peak in sub-genre #1 9 4
210BPM gabber-ish sort of? It's pretty silly.
Peak in sub-genre #3 5
Original by silverfenrir.
Peak in sub-genre #17 7 1
Something I've been working on for the past few weeks save for my trip to Vegas, last week. It's a pretty ambient trance track with some nice melodies and beats.
Peak position #79 3
Some rather generic trance. There's even a piano breakdown and crowd sample. Wow.
Peak in sub-genre #46 3
Something random and bouncy I made not too long ago.
Peak in sub-genre #85 3
A remix of a song by jihnsius and I (our collab group, trance machina) named CLONE. Check out the original here: http://www.soundclick.com/trancemachina
Peak in sub-genre #69 4
Finished this one a while ago, actually.. haha. I just forgot to upload it to here.
Peak in sub-genre #35
Ambient trance piece created as a gift for a friend. One of my best all-around pieces. (Yes, it's short.. around two minutes long. :P)
Peak in sub-genre #5 5 1
A nice synthy track for you. :)
Peak in sub-genre #16 1
Made with only FL Defaults at 38BPM.
Peak in sub-genre #27 3
Some ambient-ish trance made in 3 hours. :P
Peak in sub-genre #22 5 1
VERY SHORT Trance-ish piece to celebrate using FruityLoops for a year.
Peak in sub-genre #89 1
A song I made based off an old project. (Note: This is the updated version.)
#33 (Sub-genre) 5
The long version of my song Sail AwaY.
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