Joey Pearson
Urban La Mesa, CA  USA
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Joey Pearson is a phenomenon! The instant you hear him, you know he was born to sing. The key to Joey’s electrifying presence is that his performances feel
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with this self-written upbeat number, Joey Pearson combines just the right amount of old-school R&B and soul...with the current blend of today's cutting edge sound.
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The Rose as sung by Bette Midler. At-home recording...not for resale or on any Joey Pearson CD or collection. For promo use only.
Star Spangled Banner...soon to be released September 2003 on "Novel" Joey Pearson's sophomore full length CD
From Joey Pearson's full length sophomore CD, "Novel"...R&B Ballad
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Upbeat dance number written by Bernie Cosgrove and Kevin Clark, famed writers for Dream Street
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Written, composed and sung by 11-year old Joey Pearson for his upcoming CD release, "Novel",
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