Gray Martin
Rock Rayville, LA  USA
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gray martin
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Peak position #8 2
just a ditty (for my baby) ;)
Peak in sub-genre #24 1
just a drinkin' song, I guess. Maybe a little sad...
Peak position #52 1
Instrumental song I wrote for my daughter years ago...
Peak position #74 1
A song written on the road...
Peak in sub-genre #10 1
Just a studio jam from several years ago.
Peak position #32 2
Peak in sub-genre #30 3
Peak in sub-genre #79 2
Peak in sub-genre #42 1
This is a demo version of a song from my first album "Matters." Just a simple ditty for that special lady...
Peak position #78 2
demo of an acoustic instrumental..
Peak position #80 1
A little alt-southern-rock-blues-metal jam...or something like that!
Peak position #53 2
just an acoustic jam.
Peak position #38 1
Just a demo of a little melody in my head...with lots of noodling...
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