The Owl Watches
Rock Atlanta, GA  USA
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Mysterious, colorful intense instrumental rock/fusion witha biting sense of humor.
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Peak in sub-genre #28
Picture Holdsworth period Gong and Brand X getting together and having some LSD and you get kinda close. You'll love the apocalyptic ending.
Peak in sub-genre #48
Peak in sub-genre #7
Classical guitar and trumpet duet that starts off respectably enough but gets progressively stranger towards the end.
Introduction to the next possible Owl Watches album, done in a style inspired by the old English pirate radio stations of the 1960's
Peak in sub-genre #12 1
A trippy little instrumental piece with an almost R&B-ish feel before going off into some early Pink Floyd-like strangeness.
Peak in sub-genre #29
My instrumental odd-metered poke in the eye at star-making machinery (the Village) and the pathetic sorts it produces (the idiot)
Peak in sub-genre #40
Imagine A Duet With Classical Guitar and Charlie Brown's Teacher
Peak in sub-genre #59
Peak in sub-genre #50
Instrumental prog/fusion piece with a mysterious mid-section
Peak in sub-genre #51
Fierce in-your-face and spooky instrumental inspired by the mental picture of a steam engine barreling down the tracks at 80+ MPH.
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