Rock Paraparaumu, New Zealand
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I haven't told all that many people about this place and yet there seems to be a steady stream of people downloading and listening to my songs. I'd love to know
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A light (mostly) instrumental mood piece about a special place where souls can meet.
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This song reflects my thoughts and feelings during the days following 9/11, 2001
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My first attempt at writing a duet for cello and piano.
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Umm.... Possibly the first proper song ever written with a melody of just one note.
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I wrote this one as a birthday gift. I think the lyrics speak for themselves :)
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A few short instrumental vignettes
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Are there really such things as "Soulmates"?
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My first colaboration with Christian lyricist, ClaireJeanne Coburn :)
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An internet collaboration between my friend Mike in the States and me in New Zealand.
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This is a kinda tongue-in-cheek little number about the little dilemnas we sometimes face in life.
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