Paul Cummins and the Lion Dogs
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Blues based,blues rock trio from Southern Calif. Fronted by Paul Cummins- 1997 Fender Blues Guitar Competition Finalist. Traditional blues blended with a touch
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Swampy Blues Rock with a great kick and smokin' guitar! And ya gotta Love that tremolo!
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Rockin' Electric blues stomper about the girl who just keeps comin' back. Based on a true Story! Every 12 years, just as regular as a comet, there she is! Due to complete her 4th orbit and return again in 2008!
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Not truly Jump, but a swingin', jazzy, smooth, uptempo shuffle about feelin' GOOD! Melodic guitar, laid back vocals, jazzy, "wristy" drumming, and walking bass gives this one a kinda cocktail lounge feel...
Peak in sub-genre #11
Solo acoustic slide instrumental with a somewhat reflective theme. Kinda sad, yet hopeful. Played on my National Tricone resophonic guitar "Roscoe". **NEWLY REMASTERED** No more 60 cycle Hum! :oD
Peak in sub-genre #45
Trick little riff in Open E7 tuning. Be patient and wait for the surprise near the end....
Peak in sub-genre #49
Party music live in the studio. Nothin' deep. The title tells the story. Nasty ol' electric slide guitar and a quick head bobbin' tempo.
Peak in sub-genre #48 1
This one was referred to as 'That Cow Punk song you do'. More electric slide fast tempoed party tuneage...
Peak in sub-genre #95
Samba Surf music instrumental a la Carlos Santana(?)
Peak in sub-genre #40
Late night, or quiet time multi-layered romantic psychedelia best appreciated with headphones. Some have said "Hendrix", others, "Pink Floyd", and others "Moody Blues". Whaddayou say?
Peak position #82
Short demo take of an instrumental. This is my mahogany Guild D-25. (I've compared the sound vs. my National tricone now. Guild wins. "Real" 1 coming soon)
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