Grosse Unit and Freshsly Blazed
HipHop Detroit, MI  USA
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Rap, hip hop, michigan, detroit, beats, horrorcore, acid rap, rock, pop, jazz, urban
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Completely Original. Tony recorded the guitar and bass parts. Matt recorded the drums and vocals. Best song to date, without question.
This song is an orignal written and performed by Tony Candela a.k.a 'Gentry'. I liked it so much I had to get a verse on it. Rock/Jazz/Funk feel to this song, very cool
All about a pinball machine in Indiana called 'Bad Cats'. Get a f***in clue. Featuring Neo's rap debut
This song is dedicated to Lee, he's always poppin so hard cause of the length of his 'Rat T'....
H5 High Tree, where we reside in Grand Rapids. Where the 'Beat Factory' is located.
Do it, Bacardi and Cola, Do it, Do it
"I am me and you are you!" (caption of the picture to the left)
We go out to the club, get our crunk on, and wake up the next morning. Hilarity ensues... (Story Song)
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