Nite Tha Grrness
HipHop marion, OH  USA
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Most of what I do is rap, but it isn't any kind of surprise to find some singing or screaming. I don't write to fit into any genre, I just put down what comes
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Peak in sub-genre #70
some ol' positive sh***
Peak in sub-genre #67
pre name change, chill celebration
Peak in sub-genre #76
pre name change. god i love this hook
Peak in sub-genre #94
p.i. prime before the name change
we need no hooks. but we like them. hence why this tracks hook is badass
very spiritual track produced by my man Aquarius Minded
number three off the 'From Defective to Prime' demo
Peak in sub-genre #20
me going all r n b on your asses on the hook, it's the REMIX son!.
Peak in sub-genre #26
dmusic summer battles
Peak in sub-genre #27
last one for tlk before the beef was squashed.
Peak in sub-genre #38
part two of me mutilating TLK
first installment of my serving TLK his own ass on a plate.
tryin to get 200 duckets
Peak in sub-genre #86
round two of dmusic halloween battles agianst "K3vin" who is also hosting. this is my second battle track ever.
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