Fatt Boy
HipHop Vancouver, WA  USA facebook.com/lowedogg
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Fatt Boy from MTVs Catfish
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You can never tell how my music will move you. You might laugh, you might cry, you might get angry, or you might even not like me..and that's okay. I've changed
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Peak position #85
Wanna know who's the best rap artist alive!!?? ME!! ME BABY! Okay, maybe not.
Peak in sub-genre #28
This is a joke song that I can't wait to make the music video for. Oh wait.. it's no joke that I'm the most AWESOME person ever! :)
Peak position #95 1
Looking for sexy times? You'll find it in this song!
Peak position #72
Ever wanted to get revenge on someone? Do you believe in Karma? I do now.
Peak position #2
It's the best love song known to man! No seriously.. man, woman.. man/woman.. whatever you are.. you'll fall in love with me after listening!
Peak in sub-genre #28
This song is about a guy I didn't like very much. You will understand once you listen!
Peak position #3
I made this song especially for one person and she's the most awesome person in the world!!!!!!
Peak in sub-genre #22
This song is about a lovely girl named Kaylah. She's the most awesome woman in the world! Every girl asks me to make a song about them I'm usually too lazy but she's too awesome not to make a song for.
Peak in sub-genre #18
This is a song with the F word in it like a billion times. I was very angry at the time.. so if you don't like cuss words please don't listen to it!!!
Peak in sub-genre #16
One of the first songs I made when I first started to record my awesomeness! I stand by the title of this song 100 percent!!
Peak in sub-genre #23
Random song I made.. not really that good.
Peak in sub-genre #12 1
A song about an ex girlfriend I hated and who broke my heart. It's very messed up and I don't express myself this way anymore..but she did break my heart.. so I'm not taking it down.
Peak position #10
This song is about your momma. Seriously. Ask her...and while you're at it, tell that bi*** to pay up hoe!
This is a song from a project I did in high school about PI. 3.14 yo! Not that great to listen to really but it has a funny music video haha.
Song about getting drunk before I was even legally allowed to! Haha.. Underage drinking YAY! One of the first songs I ever made as well.
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