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The Tones, definitely the best band in my bedroom. Playing self written songs and having fun doing it.
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2-20-11 Last song from the Feb 2011 RPM Challenge. Done quickly, a cross between New Order - The Pet Shop Boys and what you find in the bottom of a trash can. All sounds done with the Kore Free Player.
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2-19-11 RPM 2011 Song 9. Quite similar to my others and bit a formula for the Tones, but works overall.
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2-13-11 Song 8 for RPM 2011 Inspired by the two movies I watched Saturday night. Never Let Me Go for the title and Tamara Drewe which had a song playing over the end credits that I based (copied) the song idea from.
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02-12-11 Song 7 for RPM 2011. Trying to be different. I spent forever fussing with the vocals for the end of the track but gave up in the end and left it as is.
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02-08-11 RPM#5. This was the second version of the song, knocked up in a night after I abandoned the first attempt. A simple tune, hopefully good enough for my legions of fans :)
The 4th track written for 2011 RPM. The feel of the song started from a Hold Steady song but I decided to use the group written lyrics that were written as part of a Home Made Hit Show (
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RPM 2011 song #3. Hopefully one to get your feet tapping at least a little
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2-2-11 Song 2 for the RPM Challenge. Completely different than the first
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Feb 1st 2011. First song of RPM 2011. Done quickly and pretty much a cookie cutter Tones tune.
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4-1-10 Completely inspired by seeing Brett Anderson of Suede singing ballads with an acoustic guitar. All played, sung, written and recorded by me.
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3/6/10 First song after a long break. A slumpbuster. As usual I played all the instruments, wrote, sung and recorded it.
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11-02-09 This song was written (in demo form) by Albert Forssell. I produced it, I used his bass and guitar riff but did the rest of the instrumentation myself. More of your typical Tones style pop/rock with a dance feel.
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Sept 2009: An attempt to throw song energetic punkishness into my songs, written and recorded fast, rough edges galore.
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7-11-09 A quickly produced rocker, all guitars. Written & performed by me. Not really about anything, I got some good phrases from a book and wrapped something around them
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