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boka lewis
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Let this mountain goat carry you to mystikal peaks.
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------------ this earth the very lotus paradise ----- this sky the body of buddha --------
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In the character of a soldier trying to find himself. Do not evade this bullet.
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u choose to see..?
Rwanda-Tibet-Lynching-Racism-Haulocaust-George Bush- Iraq-911---> all consqequences of the crowd, its blindness and lack of individuality...people have to be themselves instead of crowd pleasers..
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An attempt to express the complexity of confusing it is to sumtimes figure who u are talking to..who u are witnessing..who does the sin and who becomes the saint...who is u...who am i...myself comes n goes..comes n goez..
The role an addict or the experiene of being an addict, you can choose-haha..Its a track made with passion and objective truth. Beat ILL,
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Song about different moments of space in life and how we all lose ourselves in these moments. Time well put. Hope the singer doesn't sue me.
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The Who. Behind theze words therz only the WHO. Concious rappin. Beat is sick as hell, Insidious Productions, http :// This will be like nothing u've ever heard.
Concious rapping, BREATHE DAMNIT! Check it out, its trippy. Beat by Insidious Productions, sickness.
Intrinsic track, mystikal.
Peak in sub-genre #85 1
A track inspired by one who seemed like they faded before their time.
nEPHop Tourney. With Love.
Unsensored tale of the war on iraq. Quite political, but hope the message gets there.
Sum role playing done here. I new kinda thing goin an audio rap essay...Turned out good to me. Check it, beat by Auditory, 180Tagged... Seein how exploited things are in the song thru sum roles.
An unfinished song and lookin for collabo on it...a spiritual type of song once again dissing society.....auditory's beat "Spirit Vibes":
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