Mr Majstyk
Pop North Hollywood, CA  USA
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Acoustic, electric, innovative, eclectic, evocative, powerful, original, ethereal, strong vocals, strong storytelling. Great songs, mini-dramas. Thought-provoki
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Peak in sub-genre #13
Acoustic spanish guitar, jazz-scatt, and James Bond type!
Peak in sub-genre #1
My "salute" if you will to Marty Robbins, stylistically, if not lyrically. Again, more "western" than country. Featuring TK on lead guitar and programming.
Peak in sub-genre #41
I tried to get sorta whispery on this one. Almost cinematic in feel. Ethereal...this one sotra floats. From the project "St. Christopher's Sin".
Peak in sub-genre #40
An ode to Marilyn Monroe or a sunken ship? I don't know either...From the project "St. Christopher's Sin". TK on guitar and sequencing.
Peak in sub-genre #62
So, what happens when everything you THOUGHT was true, turned out to be a lie? Who's to blame? What are you going to do about it? From the project "St. Christopher's Sin".
Peak position #1
You've never really been kissed 'til you've been kissed by a Gemini! Solo instrumental. Features the 100+ year old mandolin. Listed as Latin, for lack of anywhere else to put it. (With apologies to any serious latin players)
Peak position #42
C'mon baby, get involved! Its a great big world out there, and you're just sitting at your computer? As soon as you're done listening to MY stuff, turn off the computer and go outside and play! ;) From the project "St. Christopher's Sin".
Peak in sub-genre #86
Vampires and plastic surgeons go wild! in this little gem...From the project "St. Christopher's Sin".
Peak in sub-genre #1 1 1
A song from the project, "St. Christopher's Sin". Sort of moody, ethereal, with a western feel to it. TK on guitar and programming.
Peak position #25 1 1
Jazz-scatt, spanish guitar and James Bond all rolled into one!
Peak position #3
One of my favorite musical styles...Spaghetti Western! It should be a sub-category here.
Peak position #2
Obsession, addiction and the rock and roll chord E. I played and sang all the parts myself except for the beautiful, evocative violin of my friend, Patty Weiss.
Peak in sub-genre #12
Me singing a favorite Dean Martin classic...just for fun! I thought I'd include something totally 'off-the-wall'. (Yeah, I had to shave for the gig! LOL)
Peak position #4 1 1
Christ, in a moment of self-doubt, on the cross. a lament, if you will. From Christ's point of view. Rated PG for strong subject matter, and imagery. Semi-acoustic solo project.
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