Charles Cornelius Tyler
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Hi folks. I have added a lot of videos recently. Please take a look!
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Peak position #10 1 1
Is there a space outside of time where we go on?
Peak position #5 5 1
I've got a hole in my pocket where the money runs out!
Peak position #47 8 5
Two hundred miles from Kabul - two hundred more to Kandahar...
Peak position #14 2 1
A short and sweet song reminding us that love is all.
Peak position #13
And we come and we go like fireflies..
Peak position #27 5 3
A peaceful song written on a hillside in Wales.
Peak position #33 5 3
If we last a thousand years there's no time to live but now...
Peak position #33 2 1
I just can't recall one thing I did or said. Did I start a fight? Is someone dead?
Peak position #37
I'm gonna ride up on the mountain - and look up at the sky - and listen to the silence - and kiss our love goodbye
Peak position #31 2
Early in the morning the birds fly around my windowsill...
Peak in sub-genre #40
In memory of Asmui bin Imamuddin (Adam) 2 May 1979 - 11 July 2012
Peak position #36 1
An autobiographical traveller's song about an overland journey from London to Kathmandu and back in 1969.
Peak in sub-genre #23
Fair is fair - you're something rare. A new recording of an old favourite.
Peak position #22
'A cigarette that bears a lipstick's traces..' A classic jazz-era song arranged for solo acoustic guitar and voice.
Peak position #69 1 1
Will you be with me when the winter comes? Will you stay by my side? And will you light the fire when the rain is falling?
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