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Headwork are a powerful yet sometimes ambient dynamic force musically. With both light and dark comercial undertones.
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Hope is the latest track by Headwork, and hopefully one of many new songs to come. Although still in the mix stage this latest version has been made available to the fans.
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Total remix of one of Headworks classic songs
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Carousel is one of several of Headwork's new releases for 2010.
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Cry For Help was one of four songs specially recorded back in the year 1994. It is a particular favourite amongst the hard core Headwork listeners... Jacko!
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Track recorded from live set at Bar Central, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England.
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Special thanks to Angelo Scott who contributed to some of the lyrics on The Only Son.
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Still in the mix stage Burning In My Heart is a track that has inspired Headwork. Formerly 'Intelligent Machines' the backing track composed by Ade Walmsley laid the foundations to this song. Also special thanks to Rebecca White for the backing vocal
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Track recorded from live set played at the Pitz, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England.
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