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A solo creator with a range of different songs, which include comedy, trance, dance, hip hop, world, adult and rnb. All songs generally begin slowly building th
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Dance track with a Latino feel
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Treated Ali G samples combined with an original dance track. Track begins with RnB beat, then to fast dance, melodic dance then fast again. Check it.
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Come, Come, Come Again!
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With samples taken from the movies The Exorcist & Wishmaster, treated and mixed with my own. Some of the (explicit) vocals are very faint when played in 'lo-fi', however downloadable mp3 is perfect.
We can feel it - A little like this
Funky guitars and ambient vocals, combined with soul vocals and a kickin' beat: makin' a funkin' distinct tune....
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Bite down on this and touch your toes
Bruce Lee: Words Of Wisdom: Don't concentrate on the finger! Or you'll miss all that heavenly Glory!
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Mellow 'n moody, ambient native sounds - with a kicking beat...
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Just marking my territory
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I'm not bitter.
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Hellraiser vs. A Nightmare On Elm Street Mix
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