Ray Leigh
HipHop Cleveland, OH  USA geocities.com/thastreetz03
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Hot underground artist from Cleveland Ohio tryna come up wit a fan base. You could probably help me out
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You're allowed to download this and dedicate it to that special someone cuz i know that i already did. i think im fallin.
If you have any idea of what I should call this beat, then tell me. This isn't a contest. I just want your input. So leave it on the message board. If I get enough responses then I'll put this beat up for free download.
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This beat is free. I just want to hear any tracks done to it. I've been dyin to hear somebody spit hard to this. I understand spanish so gimme some reggaeton.
I put a little more effort and keys into this one. Big ups to Hydro. Thanks for the words of encouragement. They were greatly appreciated.
Peak in sub-genre #61
I don't normally make these kinds of beats but I was trying to get a little bit outside the box so I made this beat. I love feedback so tell me what you think. Thanks for listening
This beat is smooth. Somethin you listen to when you ridin wit tha top down rollin 20 mph.
I Really love this beat. I made it about 3 months ago. You know I love feedback so tell me what you think.
My first real sample. Tell me what you think
Cleveland is a cool city to be in but it also has some of the biggest haters and I ran into a few of them. This beat was originally made to dis them but now I really dont feel like wasting my time.
This is a beat that I made on my own. It sounds like something that you rap to when you bouta get signed or someting. Yes I sell beats starting at $60 up to around $85 depending on tha complexity of tha beat, but this one is free
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