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nancy krebs
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Meditational, thought-provoking songs for easy Christian listening...the music of singer-songwriter Nancy Krebs
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We can change the world through the love of Jesus, our Lord.
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It all about finding that personal 'desert' of our own like John the Baptist to wait for the Christ Child --in one small corner of our hearts.
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inviting us to find that quiet place within us or outside of us to listen to the voice of God.
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One of the most popular Christmas carols in the world, performed with a country flair
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bouncy tune about that unsung Nativity Story hero--Joseph
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The special relationship between Jesus and His mother is shared in this touching song
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This beautiful Christmas song asks questions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was her Son's greatest apostle!
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Mary made room for the Baby Jesus, Joseph made room for both of them. Can we make room for Him and everyone who comes into our lives?
Peak in sub-genre #98
Based on a beautiful prayer by St. Anthony of Padua
Peak in sub-genre #36
in the style of 'Girl from Ipenema' based on the parable of the prodigal son.
Peak in sub-genre #46
Not food or air, or water--but God is what we need.
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up tempo re-telling of the Gospel story of the two disciples going to Emmaus on the day of the Resurrection!
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The Passion of Christ seen through the eyes of the wife of a Roman soldier....
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Inspired by the book of Sirach, resting in the Love of God trumps anything we seek in this world.
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