Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Metal Greenville, AL  USA
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Powerful Heavy Metal about even more powerful themes. Religion and Politics are not foreign or forbidden. Politically incorrect to the core!
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Gothic style hard rock/heavy metal.
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Politically incorrect song about...political incorrectness!
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Heavy Metal Sledgehammer berating celebrity proselytizing.
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Who really rules the world...and why? A song of hidden agendas, secret societies and their 'demon gods.' Into the Fire!
'A people who will persevere in war beyond a certain limit ought to know the consequences.' -General William T. Sherman When you have been hurt bad enough, and you will be, then you will be ready to strike back....and you will! This is your
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You see them everywhere. 'Castles of piety' resplendent with all the beauty and dignity that wealth can purchase. Their massive arches and columns, a reflection of earthly virtue and power. Come inside...let me introduce you....You are welcome!
The Rev. V. Eugene Robinson and the Rev. Fred Phelps are immortalized in song as they are used as pawns in this acoustimetal study of Lucifer's influence over modern day Christendom. Coming to a church near you!
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Ravishing metal song about Rock and Roll's first great era....over 4000 years ago! From the CD "On Earth As It Is In Heaven
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If all your wishes could come true for trading just a piece of you....could you choose to turn it loose? A song of angelic temptation.
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A definitive statement of purpose for the most powerful nation the world has ever known: The United States Of Mystery Babylon.
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The song that stirred controversy. School prayer, slave reparations and the homosexual rights agenda, all in one song. It begs the question: Can anyone tell the truth? Babble on in Babylon!!!
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A thunderous riff drives this powerful song about the ultimate evil....To Violate the 1st commandment! Idols Will Burn!!!
Peak in sub-genre #19
Gothic ambience with a touch of gothic metal and orchestration. A sad song of despair in coming to the realization that not only are you a part of a great tragedy, You must also assist it.
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Powerful song over a driving beat that propels the listener to the clutches of the Great Whore Of Babylon.
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