The Felon
Instrumentals Decatur, GA  USA
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Straight Cliqued Up Posse
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Gangsta Niggaz!
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Peak in sub-genre #9
Sum Mo Crunk Hood sh**
Peak in sub-genre #8
who iz dat sangin???lol
Peak in sub-genre #36
Peak in sub-genre #25
1st track off unreleased album - "Nuthin Changed"
Peak in sub-genre #84
New song! by The Felon and my girl KiTTy - "KittY kAt"
Peak in sub-genre #100
just buck and crunk and gangsta for no reason at all
Peak in sub-genre #31
This song is the tru ego of a tru playa
The Felon and Twist Crunk ass song h** !!! the "Bring Back The Gangta Movement" is in affect f*** snap music n***!!!!!
Peak in sub-genre #55
This song got a hard azz bassline and the whole sinerio is just fie mayne ya gotta feel this song if ya from tha hood!
Peak in sub-genre #23
Artist: 'Sincere' This is his first Gospel song, Usually an R&B artist but this is my favorite song of his overall - 'The Felon'
Sounds like a highschool band just got up and got crunk for no complete reason!!!!!!!!!
Artist: Sincere(the hook), Twist(Verse1),The Felon(Verse2) This is a favorite of mine for the real life trappaz
Peak in sub-genre #46
Great Song to listen to while having Sex!!! Artist: Sincere
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