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We play a variety of genres, including catchy pop/rock, instrumentals that are all over the place, and even the occaisional stab at metal. We are even known to
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Peak in sub-genre #22
Another catchy song from Pat.
Peak in sub-genre #46
This is the new Locomotion. This is the new Macarena. This is the Yeti.
Peak in sub-genre #76
Cool little instrumental song written by Pat.
Peak in sub-genre #97
A song with that famous Bo Diddley beat. Pat wrote this one, and Matt is on vocals. Is this the first song ever written about Bo Diddley bringing rock to aliens?
Peak in sub-genre #47
Another catchy little number from Pat. It also has a cool and creative solo. This song might get stuck in your head. But we are pleased with how it came out, so that should be a good thing.
Punk (ish) song about...well, the title explains it all.
Peak in sub-genre #27
Instrumental that sounds like your generic cheesy 80's cop show. Oh yeah, it has a whole lot of cowbell.
Dead-on new wave song from the brilliant mind of Pat. Listen to the lyrics and you'll hear a ton of references to new wave bands, and feel smart when you catch them. Pat's Robert Smith-esque voice is perfect, as is his Cure-esque guitar solo.
What if Steve Buscemi had a Saturday morning cartoon where he fights crime and gets involved in other action-filled adventures? Well, this would be the theme song.
Peak in sub-genre #28
All Pat baby, all Pat. Catchy as hell power pop (I guess that's what it is) done right.
Peak in sub-genre #82
A simultaneously beautiful (just listen to the orchestration and guitar) and creepy (no explanation needed) song about Valentine's Day and stalking. (Lyrics added, as the vocal effect on Steve's voice makes the lyrics nearly impossible to understand)
Asian-sounding surf rock. Don't know what that sounds like? Listen to this.
Apparently, grandmas don't like a lot of things.
Pat wrote this song. Fairly straightforward, catchy rock song, but with some awesome exceptions, like the lush orchestration opening. Plus, there is a kickass guitar solo. This song should be stuck in your head for days.
Another groovy instrumental. And we say groovy because the bassline is, in fact, groovy. Now if Steve wasn't mediocre on his fretless bass, it would sound even groovier.
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