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rap beats, west coast, rnb, hip hop, instrumentals
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4/24/06 - samples of what ive been makin the past 3 yrs and let me tell yall somethin im from the yay area. HYPHY MOVEMENT 06.
4/24/06 - havent uploaded a beat in 3 yrs but im still goin. i changed my style to fit in with the bay and have learned hella new things. to hear more of my new shit check out and
New westcoast-bay area beat. Hot!
Latin type beat. Note: An old beat!
This is a hard type west coast beat of course. Still a Work In Progress.
A Sean Paul Type Dancehall beat. On a smiliar mood as the "Baby Boy" beat by Beyonce. I might be adding more stuff to it but it's still a good track and I like it, check it.
This one is incomplete too, my comp is broken so i cant make anymore beats. It's a dre type beat like the title says.
westcoast beat. incomplete
nelly type beat. incomplete
incomplete If you hear static noises from the shakers and ringing noise from the bass, blame soundclick for messin up my mp3s
Barely finished beat.
RNB type beat. still workin on this one
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