HipHop Amsterdam/Enschede, Netherlands
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A one man, beatbox band. -----DASH-----, a.k.a. DaDASHDevil from Amsterdam and Enschede (Holland / The Netherlands).
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Peak in sub-genre #14
A beatbox version of the song Long Way Around: every sound is made using the mouth only. Beatbox by -----DASH-----, vocals by Bernice... thx meid! ;)
Peak in sub-genre #41
Peak in sub-genre #6 1
This is a 'slowmotion' tutorial on how to do Kenny Muhammad's infamous Wind Technique.
Turntable Crackle (inspired by dopenoize)
Peak in sub-genre #17
Bubbling beats with different use of hihats.
Another freestyle with some echoed beats
Simple freestyle, just did what came into my mind
Peak in sub-genre #26
My submission for the Ableton Live Human Beatbox Layering Contest (won 2nd prize):
These are my helicopter SFX using the click roll... plus some strange noises I made while messing around with the 'Sega Sound'.
Peak in sub-genre #33
This is a compilation of how my click roll evolved from the very beginning until recently.
This is the finished version of my first layered track ('First Layered Beat (22 Sept. 2004)') to practice working with layered beats.
Peak in sub-genre #82
Strange song with strange sounds like burps and strange laughs. (NOTE: most sounds aren't done by me!)
My first layered track to practice working with layers. Quite happy tune! =) (The sequel is called 2Happy2BLeev, which is the same song but then finished... with a lot of new layers)
My 6th battle on vs. sutorakucha.
My 5th battle on vs. Dash4.
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