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Intended as instrumental, this track became a fine song with Mr. Bob Forbes' soulful contribution on guitars and vocals. Here's the second version, with slightly edited drums.
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We are on a musical mission - for 10 years now! Bob Forbes - vocals, lyrics, guitars Pascal Gregory - synths, programming, production
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CarolSue is a talented singer, lyricist and producer and works with many collaborators from different genres. And she loves cream puffs! We would like to dedicate this track to our friend and Independent DJ Inge aka Serious-Music - Dance with us!!!
Peak in sub-genre #39 2 2
Another rhythm based track for our upcoming instrumental album "A musical Guide to cosmic Wonders".
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Peak in sub-genre #54 3 4
Finally, after having the idea for 17 years, I took the chance and produced this song with the talents of my most faithful partners Bob Forbes (vocals, guitars) and Minouche (lyrics).
Peak in sub-genre #60 1 1
A 'piece without lyrics', music performed by Pascal, featuring Andrea Stüwe on vocals.
Opener for the new instrumental album 'A musical Guide to Cosmic Wonders'... vintage electronica.
What happens when natural resources get very low...? Can you imagine that men would simply go on and start to rape the beautiful landscapes in space - the moon, asteroids, the planets? This is the story of one of these men. Maybe he will discover som
Peak in sub-genre #35 3 3
The second collab with Andrea from Hannover, singing Minouche's lyrics. Music, composed, arranged and produced by Pascal.
Peak in sub-genre #86
Instrumental tune for the album 'A musical Guide to Cosmic Wonders'
Peak in sub-genre #18
Minouche - Lyrics Andrea - Melody & Vocals Pascal - arrangement, engineering & production
Peak in sub-genre #87 1
First collab with multi-musician/songwriter/singer Mike Lockett!
Peak in sub-genre #42 1 2
Another instrumental track from the forthcoming concept album about cosmic wonders...
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I like rabbits, cats, guinea pigs... , well, animals in general, they are beautiful. I'm not sure if you'll find a clear reference while listening to this tune - I was just in a happy mood :-) Bob Forbes was there to help me again to help me with hi
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