Rob Hecht
Jazz Wayne, NJ  USA
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Cross Genre Twisting Fun!! Upcoming gigs: March 28th, 11 p.m. at the C-Note NYC featuring Bryan Bisordi, Josh Lopes, Noah Wheeler, and Zac Colwell!
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Rufus Wainwright arranged for two five string fiddles: Myself and Casey Driessen. Thanx Casey!!
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An original of mine, hope you like it! Noam Pikelny-banjo, Hans Holzen-guitar, Casey Driessen-upright bass
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Ilia Tsinadze-backpacker guitar, mandolin. Rob Hecht-5string fiddle. This recording session was a lot of fun, hope you like it!
I took a James Williams tune (alter ego), and superimposed it over a Radiohead song called Everything in it's right place. Nick Morrison-bass, Sean Lango-guitar, Wes Ruelle-piano, Kyle Rowland-tabla, myself: five string fiddle.
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I (5-string fiddle) just recorded this with Casey Driessen-upright bass, Noam Pikelny-banjo, and Hans Holzen-guitar down in Nashville. I think it came out really great!
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This was also recorded with Casey Driessen, Noam Pikleny, and Hans Holzen. I wrote this chorale on piano, hope you like it!
One of my favorite songs, Thanx Alex! Alex Foote-guitar, Jay Foote-doghouse, myself:5-string fiddle.
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This is with Jay and Alex Foote, two incredible people and musicians. Check out Alex's solo on this! Same personnel as Midge Maude.
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written by Nalisio Taveras, a good friend of mine. Spanish Klezmer! Chopping violin action on this one. Same personnel as Midge Maude and Shenandoah.
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Written by a great guitarist I go to school with in dedication to James Williams, our mentor and a great human being. Featuring Liz Kosack, Dave Von Dollen, Bryan Bisordi, Josh Lopes (the guitarist), and myself bass clarinet.
A Copper Face, also written by Josh Lopes. Same musicians as Peefer Jay, this time around I'm playin tenor sax.
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Bartok Violin Duets arranged for jazz quartet. With improvisations over entire forms and ostinato sections. Jay Foote-upright bass, Josh Lopes-guitar, Bryan Bisordi-drums, myself: 5-string violin.
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Written by Jay Foote. Ostinato heaven Violin on this one, Same instrumentation as Bartokian.
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This song has a sloppy intro on my part, but I love the flow and the solos so much that I wanted it to be heard nevertheless. Same musicians and instrumentation as Bartokian.
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