Superluminal Pachyderm
Rock State College, PA  USA
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Perpetual experimentation and sludge transport themes
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Peak in sub-genre #25
What happens when a cow goes cannibalistic? It looks like the tables get turned on Bonzo. Lyrics and concept by Jaime Jamison
This five-part suite is a collaboration with Jeff Edmunds of The Seen fame who contributed Stick, guitar, effects and vocals. This is a 10+ minute sample of the full 16:50 version that is on the Sea of Peas CD released in 2005.
Peak in sub-genre #54
Sometimes when you're unsure about baking. This is a 10 minute or so sample of the full 15:54 version which is available on the Sea of Peas CD released in 2005.
A collaboration with the talented Duane Tate ( on vocals. Neo progressive rock about hot dogs, running with cows, Uncle Stubbins, and french fries clogging up the toilet.
SP's first collaboration featuring Kim Novak on vocals and Miles Walsh of Milo Black fame on guitars. Milo also assisted with improving the mixing of this song.
Peak in sub-genre #17
The ramblings of a collector of screen doors.
I know what Popeye knows.
This is the first 10 or so minutes of Dementia. The full 17:46 version is on the Perpetual Insanity CD at:
Multitudes of morons, they're coming this way...
Bumblebee, set me free...
If you've ever seen a train eat a bowl...
Oddities, baby. Uh huh.
Peak in sub-genre #16
Picture a shopping cart with toothpaste, tea, and peas in it. Now think about potholes.
Peak in sub-genre #55
Currently the bonus track off the Lexicographic Lint CD. Only available here at
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