nat moon
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Original trance techno tribal and electronic madness.
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Peak in sub-genre #24
A sci-fi film ending style esoteric track.
Peak in sub-genre #22 1
My latest efforts at remixing using ableton live 6.0 various special effx plugins,NI Massive,ohmboyz minimonsta and reverb and eq plugins. Original track Timeholes is from the album Idyllic Life by Easily Embarrassed. If you like my remix or this k
Peak in sub-genre #16
Made this track for all owners of huge subwoofers and car subwoofers just to pound out some bass really
Peak in sub-genre #97
Lush pads and synths,no drums esoteric end of sci-fi film style track.
Peak in sub-genre #59
a peaceful mysterious track using smooth waves and a minimal drum beat. A lone space traveller finds a desolate ancient temple on a devoid planet and settles for the night.
The traveller discovers water and strange plants and sits down to drink and eat the plants fruit.
The traveller begins to realise he should not have eaten the fruits he begins to hallucinate and very slowly dies,during his death the planets spirit speaks to him.
After dying the space traveller is almost instantly reborn into a new life the shock of this makes him forget his old life,maybe being new again is heaven?
Peak in sub-genre #17 1
This time Mozart has received the natmoon treatment ;) Currently just having great fun remaking these classical tracks with synths and fx. Hope you enjoy it.
Peak position #41
An ambient tribal style full sequence build up for chilling out to.
Peak in sub-genre #16 1
This is another classical piece thats been given the natmoon treatment,using a cme-uf5 midi keyboard,fruity loops,poizone,pentagon1,f­lkeys,hammerhead1 and various fx.Hope you enjoy this track,i am going to rework this track again at a later date to
Peak in sub-genre #80
Full huge synth textures in a dreamy style.
Peak in sub-genre #53 1 1
Hypnotic trance/ambient weirdness designed for getting into a real trance.
Peak in sub-genre #46
originally composed by Isaac Albéniz i always wanted to remake this song with synths.
Peak in sub-genre #32 3
super mellow ambient chillout track for relaxing to. Play this one loud.
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