Bill Ely Band
Rock Eden, NC  USA
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Bill Ely writes songs, and has been writing since 1976. BEB is Bills all original music project, recording producing and performing this material since 1998.
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#45 (Sub-genre)
found a disk with this first mix of the song. Norbert had not recorded his final "keeper" track, he was still experimenting and searching for just the right guitar track the song was looking for.
#26 (Sub-genre)
about as southern rock as I get. One of our best song and one of the locals most favorite !! A Rocking tune that is all BEB, twangy but cool, kid of a throw back to old school but stills hits the mark !!!
Peak in sub-genre #7
Many have come to me and said they like my "Dark" songs best. I'm not so sure about the dark thing but the intention was for it to have a "haunting" quality to it, an edge some tunes just need. The music goes with the lyrics perfectly.
Peak position #55 1
Soft and mooshie in the beginning, then things get harsh and heavy. HHHmmm, like relationships can. Of course it can always get worse...
Peak in sub-genre #10
Always BEB unique, this tune has a bit of an edge to it and packs a punch..."Watch out it's gonna hit you in the eye"
Peak in sub-genre #9
This should be the final mix. Katy helped me write words for this song about a decade ago finally got around to recording it. This is the first song with sax by Danny Smallwood. Let us know what you think !!!!
Peak position #81
Bass guitar : Kris Sjoberg. Drums : Al Fair. Vocals and guitars: Bill Ely. Lead guitar by Thomas Wright.
Peak position #92
Once Again we are Joined by Danny Smallwood on Sax. Billy Williams on Drums, Kris Sjoberg on bass, and me on guitars and vocals.
Peak in sub-genre #7
just a fun song for us to do kinda surfpunk kindarock mostly BEB !!!!!
Peak position #60
recorded by Norbert Radtke and myself.
Peak in sub-genre #9
Although I originally had written the song in 1983/84 I seemed to have lost it untill a few months ago it turned up while digging through one of the many, many notebooks of songs I have stored in boxes.
Peak position #96
Title track to our last CD An amazing tune that sounds like nothing you've ever heard, MUCHO different but can only be BEB!!!! I love that open C!!!!!
Peak in sub-genre #12
I think this is a live recording captured before the album recording. We used these performances to iron the bugs out which the tempo is the only thing we adjusted. Had to slow it down a fraction so Norbert could play a part near the end of the song.
Peak in sub-genre #54
Peak in sub-genre #1
With a structure built from the early days of rock, this tune is yet another sound that BEB pushes around having fun !! Throw this in yer heads and take it for a tire smokin ride around the block !!!
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