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Just me putting my life and thoughts on paper...
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Just a lil something... I wish the beat was longer though.. It's a tight beat!
I had a little anger i could feel building in me about life pretty much and just had to get it out..
just some fun....
Ride with us and see how mic rippin can be, how mic rippin can be...
LOL ... Dont even ask ... This is kinda along the lines of Hush and Let It Be Known.. I think it could be put together a lil nicer but time was an issue with this....
Another little something from outa nowhere !!
A new song. 02/03 .. I am changing my style up BIG TIME here be straight up with me and tell me what you think.. either e-mail me or leave a note on the message board!!
Track about a "disturbing" time in my life.. Check it out.. Were climbing the chart with this one..
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